West Wind- WOW wonderful!

Well last week the sampling six made our way to the West Wind., however there were only 4 of us this time. This was the most unique flavored of all so far. This burger is served with a spicy ketchup that really stands out but is not over powering. Then it is topped with a slice of fried cheese. I have never had that before. It is brown and crispy and delectable. I have to try making the fried cheese at home on the grilled this summer.  I ordered my burger medium rare, and it was served hot just a bit pink- just right. This was very unique, I hope they keep it on the menu for a while, I will refer a lot of people there.

Well if my count is correct, we have  2 more stops to make and 14 days to do it. Tomorrow we will be at Copper Kettle. There will only be 4 of us again, 2 of the sampling six will be in Hawaii, too bad for them! Join us around 6:00 if you are a RFBB card holder, or if you want a nice dinner out at a great little supper club.

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