Burger Battle, Gouda for Da Budda

The Burger Battle is almost over but you still have time. I just found 4 unsold cards. Call the Burger Battle Hot Line 715-338-8870 if you are interested. Most of my group “11 in Burger Heaven” have only one to go.  Last week we all met up at the Village Inn in North Hudson. I am glad I planned ahead and ate only 1/2 of this monstrosity. This time I split it with my husband. So that means we get to go back together for the second one. This is one burger worth going back for. There are 2 one- third pound patties and 2 slices of bacon smothered in some super delicious cucumber guacamole sauce, Pico Di Gallo and Gouda cheese. Leigh and his cook have put some time into this special recipe. You have to be able to open your mouth real wide to get a full bite of this 6 inch high burger.  The battle is getting tight!