Uncle Mike’s M Pour E Yum steps up his game

Major Announcement: My team name has changed. We are now “The Eleven In Burger Battle Heaven”.  This past Thursday we descended upon Uncle Mike’s. This burger was much better than the burger we had there last year. I think it is 1/3 lb and topped with lettuce and tomato.  It was cooked to perfection. I wont say it is the winner in my book but I will go back.  Next week we will be hitting the Village Inn.

The following is a testimonial from a Burger Battle 2 year participant.

“We have been to four of the seven for Burger Battle. Have noticed a change in attitude from last year. Last year it was almost like we were a bother (except one), instructed to pick whatever burger off the menu we wanted, etc. This year the waitresses are excited about the burger they are presenting and in some cases the owner/manager has stopped to see what we thought of the burger and how our ‘experience’ was at their establishment. So far all four have been ‘cheerleaders’ for their restaurant. It is going to be really hard to choose the best burger this year. Every burger we have had has been excellent and in some cases a unique burger that isn’t even on their menu.”