Week 3 Dick’s Bar and Grill

I have been on committees for several benefits and community fund raising events in the Hudson area, and I can always count on Dick’s Bar to participate. This year they are entering the “Little Ricky” in the Hudson Burger Battle. Last Thursday The 8 Who Ate Great met at Dick’s Bar for our third burger. If you like a good fresh California Burger you will love this one. This is not over the top, it is not loaded with with a bunch of non-burger stuff, just fresh crisp lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo, on a 1/3 pound burger. Thanks Paul for your contribution to  the Burger Battle and for supporting Hudson Bridge for Youth and Adults with Disabilities.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving, I want to thank to all 7 restaurants supporting this benefit;  The Village Inn, Seasons Tavern  Dick’s Bar, Agave Kitchen, Kaladis, Uncle Mikes M Pour E Yum, and The Willow River Inn. I also give thanks to The Hudson Bridge for all that they do to increase the opportunities for Independence to persons with disabilities, and Thanks to all who have purchased a Hudson Burger Battle card.

Because of the holiday my team will have to change routine, we will be going out Tuesday to check out the competition at The Willow River Inn. I believe they are also entering a California style burger.  My 8 who ate great team  will be crossing the half way point. We will take good notes so we wont forget all the special flavors and specialties of each burger.