Kaladi’s served up another delicious burger.

WARNING: not many Hudson Burger Battle cards left. All the restaurants involved and the Hudson Bridge have been selling cards and will be sold out soon. Stop in and ask, their may be a few left at a couple of the contending restaurants  Sorry if you miss your opportunity. The restaurants donate the burgers so we only sell 250 cards.

For our second stop in the Hudson Burger Battle my “8 Who Ate Great Team” selected Kaladi’s (We still have not thought of a new team name so we sticking with this) Kaladi’s is featuring their Frisco Melt. This week I did only eat 1/2 of my burger, just so I could look forward to the other half today. This is melt, so it is served on butter brushed sourdough bread that is grilled to perfect, golden  crispiness, perfection.  The beef, bacon, and cheese were nestled inside and drizzled with their home made thousand island dressing. If you like your onions fried, you will love this. Becky is one of our 8 and she usually picks the onions off her burgers. However she did not realize this came with onions so she just bit right in.  She did not notice onions, instead she noticed the sweetness they bring to this burger. Kaladi’s owner, Jay Jones, stopped by our table to welcome us and make sure we were all satisfied. I asked him if he has some special process preparing the onions and he simply smiled, shook his head, and shrugged his shoulders. I think this meant “I’d tell you but then I would have to kill you”. What ever it is, it works!

Meal time can be a good opportunity for good conversation with friends and family, but I gotta say once these burgers arrived there was no talking, we were to busy sinking our teeth into this burger. It will be a close race and tough vote. I have only had 2 so far and struggle picking one over the other.

Thanks to Jay and Kaladi’s for supporting Hudson Bridge for Youth and Adults with Disabilities.  Next week “The Little Richard” at Dick’s Bar and Grill.  Now to that other 1/2 of my Frisco!