Lazy River Bar and Grill wins the Burger Battle

Hooray! We have the first ever River Falls Burger Battle winner and it is the the Lazy River Bar and Grill. Congratulations and thank you for supporting the American Cancer Society.  Thanks to our sponsors, is it 2B Marketing, Minute Man Press, and Terry McKay Re/Max Synergy.  Together with all the help from the Relay for Life teams and all the competitors we raised $6,250 for the AM Cancer Society. I am so pleased and so proud of my River Falls community.

Time to vote for the BB champ!

Thanks to all the restaurants who donated so greatly to the RF BB for Relay for Life,  Bo’s ‘N Mine, Coaches, Copper Kettle, Juniors, Lazy River, Mainstreeters South Fork, and West Wind. Over the past 3 months I heard so much positive feedback about this fundraiser, and the restaurants were so generous in this competition. I believe it will be a close vote.  All RF BB card holders will have until June 5 to enter the vote.  The winner will be announced and the trophy presented June 6 or 7.

Mainstreeteres and Lazy River- Burgers are great!

Well the RF BB has come to an end, I have yet to express my review of the Lazy River and Mainstreetes. Mainstreeter featured the good old traditional western burger. This was topped with thick cut bacon, american cheese, BBQ sauce and a fried onion ring. This was ginormous. The second half made a good late night snack. Lazy River was our last stop.  This 2 patties burger was served on an onion bun, with a lot of creamy melted Gouda cheese, bacon and an onion ring. It was a bit too cooked for my taste but the creamy cheese made up for that.

Now it is time to get out the vote!  Check the back of your BB cared for the web site voting information.  I extend a huge thanks to all the competing restaurants and participants.

Copper Kettle will be a nice surprise to all card holders

I can imagine a lot of BB card holders have never been to the Copper Kettle, and will be in for a great surprise.  There is the original supper club atmosphere with a comfortable patio that can be accessed even on the rainy days. For the RF BB They served up a nicely char grilled burger with Gouda cheese. The cheese was melted to create a smooth creamy texture. The burger was topped with grilled zucchini. For me this added the illusion that I was eating healthy, one way to get the vegetables right?  Good Luck!

2 days and 1 burger to go- Lazy River here I come.

Well this is really the end. The 2 month long River Falls Relay for life Burger Will be all done May 31.   I hope all you card holders had a chance to sample all 8. Even if you had 6-7 it was a great deal.  My Sampling Six will be at the Lazy River tomorrow. I am hoping it is nice. I wold love to sit outside on the only patio in town along the river. I don’t believe I know what they are serving in the battle, I will be sure to follow up with my report.  I have been sooo impressed with all the contenders so far, it will be hard to vote. If you are a card holder, please don’t forget to vote. The restaurants are in this for the competition and they have done their part now you have to do yours! You will find the voting web site and your voting ID # on the back of your card.

West Wind- WOW wonderful!

Well last week the sampling six made our way to the West Wind., however there were only 4 of us this time. This was the most unique flavored of all so far. This burger is served with a spicy ketchup that really stands out but is not over powering. Then it is topped with a slice of fried cheese. I have never had that before. It is brown and crispy and delectable. I have to try making the fried cheese at home on the grilled this summer.  I ordered my burger medium rare, and it was served hot just a bit pink- just right. This was very unique, I hope they keep it on the menu for a while, I will refer a lot of people there.

Well if my count is correct, we have  2 more stops to make and 14 days to do it. Tomorrow we will be at Copper Kettle. There will only be 4 of us again, 2 of the sampling six will be in Hawaii, too bad for them! Join us around 6:00 if you are a RFBB card holder, or if you want a nice dinner out at a great little supper club.

Juniors steps up to the Burger Battle Plate.

Two weeks ago, the Sampling Six taste tested the RF Burger Battle contending burger at Juniors. I got ta say it will be difficult to order just a plain burger after this competition. Once again we get a 2 for 1. I don’t recall what they call the thing, “the morning after” or the “eye opener”  or something like that. This delicious juicy patty of beef is served with a fired egg on top. Similar to the South Fork, but they cook the egg over easy just the way I like it. If you have not tried this combo, you should. I was not sure about it, but it is a good mix. I liked sopping up that bright runny yoke with the burger and bun.  With my busy schedule it is convenient to combine breakfast and lunch into one stop.  I hope I have been keeping good notes, 3 more stops before the end of May and we will have to vote.

Coaches serves a sweet treat

I have been slacking on my Burger Battle blogging. My team ,The Sampling Six, continues to work our way through the restaurants in River Falls competing to be crowned as the best burger in town.  Coaches was our next stop. If you have ever had trouble deciding if you want to order a brat or a burger, no worries here! The burger is served with a brat on it. Then it is smothered in sweet fried onions and cheese and served on a pretzel bun.  The burger was great, a top contender for me; but our service was beyond poor. I know this is a burger battle, but the atmosphere does effect my appetite. Many in my group were disappointed. I try hard to point out the positives in all our contenders because all the restaurants are donating the burgers for our 250 participants. all the funding supports the Relay For Life. We all truly appreciate this! Still 4 to go!

South Fork Cafe serves up a winner

My Burger Battle team The Sampling Six,  made our third stop at The South Fork Cafe.  I am happy to say I get to go back for more. This burger is so big my husband and I decided to split it.  You almost need to dislocate your jaw to take a full bite. They are serving up two 1/3 pound beef patties with 2 strips of bacon, 2 kinds of cheese, and 1 fried egg. 2 meals on one bun.  The beef is fresh and juicy and cooked to perfection.  When I return, I think I will request to have the egg cooked over easy. I think you would get more of the egg flavor with a soft yoke.  I have to say this is the contender.  This week we will be checking out Juniors! I really hope this is the last of the snow, I have got to get outside and start walking off some of the Burger Battle Bulge!

River Falls Burger Battle is off to a good start Bo’s N Mine is my first stop

April 1st was the first day to present your Burger Battle card at the participating restaurants and begin to enjoy your free burgers.  I will be going out with a group of 6 as we make our way through the next 2 months enjoying one burger a week.  I have participated in the Hudson Burger Battle for the last 2 years and I enjoy going to each competing restaurant with a group. This way we can share our impressions of what we think of each burger, and I can share some of the feedback with you from The Sampling 6.

Our fist stop was Bo’s N mine. They served up a delicious Quesadilla Burger. Remember the old commercial with old lady yelling “Where’s the beef?” Well  this had the beef, I said “where’s the bun?” This unique burger is served on a lightly grilled corn tortilla with all the standards of a quesadilla. The flavors of the fresh pico de queio con queso complimented the char-grilled juicy beef patty . I love Mexican food, I am sure I don’t know how to spell Spanish and Mexican words, but this was a delicioso change to the old reliable burger.  Even if you did not get a chance to purchase a burger battle card, you gottta go to Bo’s and give this a try.

This week the sampling 6 will be going to Mainstreeters. I have not heard what burger they are serving up- so I will have to be surprised, But I will be sure to blog about it soon after. All proceeds from the sale of the cards will support the River Falls Relay For Life. I think there are a few cards left at Copper Kettle.